Hello, I’m Renato Rosa.

My work is user centered design based.

Hello, I’m Renato Rosa.

My goal is disruptive experiences.

Hello, I’m Renato Rosa.

I build awesome digital experiences.

My profile

I  worked as a Product Manager at Dinamize – a biggest player in the market of digital communication - which design the user experience in their two products. Also working as Executive Director of ABRADI-RS - a Digital Association (2010 / 2014). I’m founder of RED - User Experience Design Consulting - a company that designs digital brand experiences.

In 2007, I worked at Globo.com in the Entertainment and Journalism cells, in charge of interface development for several projects, at both functional and branding levels. In 2001 I was idealizer and manager of the Interaction Design Cell, interaction designer team coordinator, working in consultancy and development in over hundreds of projects at AG2 Publicis Modem.

I  worked for brands such as Bradesco, BOX1824, Embraer, Lojas Renner, Panvel, Motorola, Terra Networks, Sicredi, RBS, Unilever, Nike, Leo Burnett and others. 

Consulting and Training IN UX

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